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Members of this ministry, minister together to enrich and strengthen the

faith formation of our children. This ministry

also prepares our children to receive the sacraments of the

Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation.


Members of this ministry serve the parish by distributing the Body and Blood of

Christ to the congregation during Mass. Some members also preform the same

service to the homebound parishioners.


Members of this ministry assist the parishioners by greeting and welcoming

them as they gather for worship. This ministry is also responsible for taking

up the Sunday collection and assisting in the preparation of the offertory.


Members of this ministry proclaim the Word of God during the mass.

They are parishioners willing to share their love for the Word of God and

spend the necessary time in preparing to proclaim the word.


Members of this ministry are those children who have already celebrated

their First Holy Communion and who are seeking to make a special

contribution in the liturgical service within the parish. Altar servers assist

the priest on the altar during the Mass as well as in other liturgical

celebrations throughout the year.

Click here for the Altar Server Mass Schedule.


Members of the ministry encourage our worshiping community to express and

share their faith through songs during the weekend masses. Choir members are

talented with their musical instruments, and their voices.


SATURDAY: 5:00pm English Mass- Music by a choir with guitar, violin and piano.

Coordinator is Gina Ortega

6:30pm Spanish Mass

SUNDAY: 8:00am Spanish Mass- Music by a choir with guitars Coordinator is

Martín Salas.

9:30am English Mass- Music by a choir with guitar Coordinator is Connie Limon.

11:00am English Mass- Music by a choir with guitar Coordinator is Daniel

Estorga. (No 11:00am English mass during summer June - August)

12:30pm Spanish Mass- Music by mariachi "Sol Azteca" (This Spanish Mass is at 11:00am during summer June-August)

If you feel called to join one of our ministries please contact the office so that we may give you more information. Also, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our calling to preach the Gospel, if you know of a ministry that you feel would be of benefit please contact the office.