Our Lady of Health

Mass Schedule/Horario de Misas:

  • English: Tue-Friday, Morning Prayer 8:00 am, Mass 8:10 am

  • Español: Martes-Viernes Visperas 6:00 pm, Misa 6:10 pm

  • Saturday/Sábado: 5:00 pm-English, 6:30 pm-Español, 7:30 pm Neocatechumenal Mass (In parish hall)-English

  • Sunday/Domingo: 8:00 am- Español, 9:30 am-English , 11:00 am-Español, 12:30 pm-Español

  • Confession/Confesiones: Friday/Viernes 5:00 pm or by appointment o por cita

  • Eucharistic Adoration/Adoración Eucarística: Thursday/Jueves 8:30-am-6:00 pm

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Nuestro nuevo horario de misas: sábado, 5:00 pm-inglés, 6:30 pm-español. Domingo 8:00 am-español, 9:30 am-inglés, 11:00 am-español, 12:30 pm-español. La diócesis ya no televisará la misa en español de las 11:00 am los domingos por la mañana.

Our new Mass schedule: Saturday, 5:00 pm-English, 6:30 pm-Spanish. Sunday 8:00 am-Spanish, 9:30 am-English, 11:00 am-Spanish, 12:30 pm-Spanish. The diocese will no longer be televising the 11:00 am Spanish Mass on Sunday mornings.

We, the Catholic Community of Our Lady of Health being of diverse cultures, celebrate, and proclaim Jesus as our teacher and Savior.

We offer our community His message evangelizing through Liturgy, a Sacramental Life, Education,and Social Justice.

We have a welcoming and spiritual environment for everyone. We count on God's help and guidance by sharing His gift of faith, meanwhile we commit ourselves to be Christ to one another.

La Comunidad Católica de Nuestra Señora de la Salud, compuesta de culturas diversas, celebra y proclama a Jesús como nuestro maestro y Salvador.

Ofrecemos a nuestra comunidad una vida sacramental para poder evangelizar a través de la Liturgia, Adoración, Educación y Justicia Social.

Ofrecemos un ambiente acogedor y espiritual para todos. Contamos con la ayuda y dirección de Dios al compartir Su Regalo de Fé mientras nos comprometemos a ser Cristo los unos para los otros.


Presione aquí para leer los anuncios en Español

During this time the faithful are encouraged to pray individually or as a family, with the Liturgy of the Hours, reading scripture, reciting the Rosary, and with other means. Spiritual resources, including a Family Home Celebration During Suspension of Mass, are posted on the diocesan homepage.

Three Year Bible Study

Deacon Jim will be starting a 3 year Chronological Bible Study. Questions will be sent out each week via email and discussions will be conducted via tele-conference Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm. Please contact the office at 575-526-9545 if you would like more information.

Adult Confirmation

Deacon Jim will be teaching an adult confirmation class. This sacrament is required for those that want to act as Baptism or Confirmation sponsors or who would like to convalidate their marriages through the Church. Classes will begin on February 11th. Please contact the office for more information.

Register With Our Parish

Have you been attending our parish for a while? If so please stop by the office and register with us.

Bulletin Sponsors

We are looking for sponsors for our weekly bulletin. Please contact the office if you or your business would like to be a sponsor.